I offer freelance consultancy services primarily within research and development in connection to my studies in physics and molecular biology. Since I have a background in business and product design, I also offer consultancy services in the fields of business development and product design.

Previous clients/employers include:

Consumer product designs:
-*cordctrl, *podctrl (own designs and operations)
– Designtorget AB. Fall 2015 – . Consultancy work regarding sustainability issues (especially REACH compliance) related to product design and purchase process of third party products.

Scientific research and development:
– Exeger Sweden AB. During the summer 2013, I conduced lab work for Exeger Sweden AB, a research company, within artificial photosynthesis and dye sensitized solar cells based in Stockholm. The work included planning and performing scientific experiments and building test cells with the purpose of optimizing performance. During 2013 and 2014 the work have continued on a part-time basis in parallell to my studies.

Business / finance:
– Morgan Stanely (worked as financial analyst at the Investment Banking Division, London, employed)
– Stella Advisors (financial modeling, market research, corporate finance work for clients within media sector, such as A-pressen, IEC Sports, Aller Förlag, Mitt i, Sto-Cph)
– Springlife AB (data processing regarding co-worker surveys, presentations and workshops for co-workers and management teams regarding organizational analysis for clients such as Skandia, PRV, Banverket, Region Skåne)
– Geneline AB (corporate strategy work) (via enskild firma)
– QnB Volante (business analysis, market research for Rockparty and Exportrådet) (via enskild firma)
– Equity Science (financial analysis and modeling for UK hedge fund client) (via enskild firma)

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